CompuSteer Computational Steering Network

Travel Bursaries

Procedures, Terms and Conditions

Please note that travel bursaries have now ceased. This page is retained for archival interest only.


Bursaries are intended to pay for travel and subsistence solely in order to support the work defined in the application submitted. Applications should consist of not more than two sides of A4 (PDF preferred, Word accepted) and should be accompanied by letters of support from your own and your collaborator's head of department or section. Applications may be submitted at any time by email to the coordinator. Please use a subject line 'travel bursary - <membership number>'.

The application should make clear the nature of the work proposed, with whom and where it will be carried out. The name(s) of the person(s) travelling, the total sum sought and its justification are required - please read carefully the notes below on what can and cannot be claimed. Each proposal should make clear how the work will advance the network's objectives in terms of its contribution towards towards

-        Generating new proposals to funding bodies

-        Adding value to existing research products

-        Generating new publications

-        Increasing membership, especially application-oriented members.

Conditions of funding

Applicants must be members of the network. Anyone wishing to apply who is not already a member can join at no cost via the network's web site. Please include your membership number (not your username) in the subject line of your application as proof of status.

Successful applicants will be required to present their findings at a specific network workshop, the date of which they should identify in their work plan. Dates of workshops will be published in good time so please check that at least one person from the collaboration will be able to attend the nominated workshop - non-representation of a project may result in part or all of a bursary being withheld. A short paper (2 - 4 pages) for inclusion in the workshop proceedings will be required and will be published on the network's web site in due course.

Successful applicants will also be required to submit a final report (4 pages) assessing the outcome of the project with respect to its anticipated contribution as put forward in the original proposal.  This report will include an appendix itemising expenditure, on which basis costs will be reimbursed (see 'Payment mechanism'). If your application is successful, your offer letter will confirm the date of your chosen workshop, when your paper and report are due and the deadline for submitting your invoice for costs.

Eligible costs

Travel and subsistence of the person(s) travelling up to the total sum sought in the original proposal. Guideline amounts per project are 2000 to 3000. Please bear in mind that the total number of proposals we can fund will depend on the sum of their estimated costs, which should therefore be realistic but not excessive. The usual costs associated with travel away from home, such as accident and illness insurance, booking fees, difference on currency exchange, airport taxes and so on, are also eligible costs. These should be included in your estimate and all sums should reflect the usual allowances of your own institution in respect of travel and subsistence expenses.

Travel and subsistence costs can also be claimed for up to two people to attend the corresponding workshop to present the project's findings. Workshop attendance costs are the only eligible costs for collaborators.

Ineligible costs

Ineligible costs include the travel and subsistence of your collaborator (other than to attend the workshop) unless they also have to relocate in order to complete the work. Please make clear in your proposal why this will be the case if so and include their name(s) as persons intending to travel. Bench fees and other costs of your collaborator's or any third party's institution are also not eligible.

Conference fees are not eligible costs though you may attend a conference whilst travelling provided this is not the sole or principal purpose of the travel. Please say on your proposal if this will be so and consider organising a BOF to publicise the network - the coordinator can provide support in the form of flyers and sign-up lists.

Consumables associated with the pursuance of the project's aims are not eligible costs.

Salary costs of you, your collaborator or anyone else involved in completing the work are not eligible costs.

Fees associated with running a suspense account (see 'Payment mechanism') are not eligible costs. Please enquire in advance if your institution is unwilling to manage a suspense account without charge.

Costs not detailed in the proposal are not eligible - if you need to change your plans significantly please consult the coordinator first. Costs in excess of the total sum sought in the original proposal are also not eligible but might be paid at the coordinator's discretion if funds permit.

Payment mechanism

Successful applicants will set up a suspense account at their own institution from which they can claim as the collaboration progresses.  The sums claimed should reflect the usual practice of the participant's institution and be itemised in an appendix to the final report to CompuSteer.  An invoice for actual costs incurred will then be paid dependent on receipt of the report, workshop paper and workshop attendance. The coordinator reserves the right to withhold all or part of a bursary for non-receipt of deliverables or non-attendance at the workshop, or where the expenses itemised in the final report relate to ineligible costs.


HW 25 May 2006