Inaugural Workshop

Friday 15 September 2006
Hull Immersive Visualization Environment
University of Hull, Cottingham Road, HULL HU6 7RX


10.00 -10.30

Arrival and coffee
  Keynote talk


Human-centred simulation steering - Prof Dr.-Ing Ulrich Lang, University of Cologne - abstract (PDF, 30KB)



Plenary session


Review of member services and discussion of CompuSteer's national role - Dr Ian Grimstead, University of Cardiff; Dr Helen Wright, Coordinator - slides: 1, 2 and 3 (PPT, 930KB)

12.30 - 1.30

Buffet lunch, visualization and VR demonstrations
  Presentations by bursary holders


Image-based steering for Integrative Biology - Dr Lakshmi Sastry and Richard Wong, RAL; Dr Helen Wright, University of Hull - paper (PDF, 130KB), slides (PPT, 6.5MB)


Reacting to HCI devices: initial work using resource ontologies with RAVE - Dr Ian Grimstead, University of Cardiff; Richard Potter, University of Hull - paper (PDF, 200KB), slides (PPT, 1.58MB)


RoboViz: lossy networking modes for remote command and control of robotic emergent behaviour - Dr Anja Le Blanc and Paul Kuchar, University of Manchester - paper (PDF, 85KB), slides (PPT, 3.66MB)


3.00 - 3.15

Tea and biscuits
  Invited presentations


22-processor Beowulf to 800-processor NW Grid: scaling up genetic algorithm optimisation of gait simulations - Prof Robin Crompton, University of Liverpool


The Application Hosting Environment - Stefan Zasada, UCL


4.15 - 4.30

Final remarks and workshop close